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S.S. Tuscania II of the Anchor Line - 1922

S.S. Tuscania II of the Anchor Line - 1922

TUSCANIA (II) - 1922

  • Built: 1922 Fairfield S. B. & E. Co, Govan, Glasgow.
  • Tonnage: 16,991 Gross
  • Dimensions: 174.74 Meters (Overall); 168.34 Meters x 21.43 Meters x 13.20 Meters
  • Propulsion / Engine: Twin-Screw Turbine
  • Passenger Capacity: 196 First, 377 Second, 1,818 Third. (2,391 Total)

SS Tuscania was a luxury liner of the Cunard subsidiary Anchor Line, named after a town in Italy. She was torpedoed in 1918 by the German U-boat UB-77 while transporting American troops to Europe and sank, sending 210 people to their deaths.

The Tuscania carried passengers between New York City and Glasgow while in service with the Anchor Line, on a route that had previously been assigned to her sistership Transylvania. She continued to run this route even as World War I broke out in Europe and Germany initiated.

She also made at least one run from Bombay to Liverpool. Unrestricted submarine warfare in British territorial waters put neutral ships like the Tuscania at risk of being misidentified and attacked.

The Tuscania made international headlines for rescuing passengers and crew from the burning Greek steamer SS Athinai on September 20, 1915, and made the news again in March 1917 by evading a submarine and a suspected German commerce raider.

Drawing Room of the Tuscania

Photograph 19: Drawing Room of the Tuscania

A Representative Second Cabin Double Stateroom

Photograph 22: A Representative Second Cabin Double Stateroom

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