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S.S. Cameronia II of the Anchor Line - 1920

S.S. Cameronia II of the Anchor Line - 1920


  • Built: 1920 Wm. Beardmore & Co, Dalmuir, Glasgow.
  • Tonnage: 16,584 gross
  • Dimensions: 168.37 x 21.46 x 13.14 meters.
  • Propulsion / Engine: Twin-Screw Turbine
  • Passenger Capacity: 256 First, 370 Second, 1,100 Third. (1,726 Total)

Cameronia was a British ocean liner which was built in 1920 by William Beardmore & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow for the Anchor Line. She was requisitioned for use as a troopship in the Second World War, surviving a torpedo attack. In 1953 she was requisitioned by the Ministry of Troop Transport (MoTT) and renamed Empire Clyde. She was scrapped in 1957.

Cameronia was built for the Anchor Line, which was owned by Cunard Line. She was a sister ship to Lancastria. Although she was launched in December 1919, a strike delayed her final completion. In April 1921, Cameronia was towed to Cherbourg, France for final fitting out. She had accommodation for 265 1st class, 370 2nd class and 1,100 3rd class passengers.

Cameronia departed Glasgow on 11 May 1921 on her maiden voyage to Liverpool and New York. Cameronia was placed under the management of the Henderson Brothers Ltd. Her port of registry was Glasgow. The Code Letters KHSQ and United Kingdom Official Number 144242 were allocated.

In October 1925, Cameronia rescued the crew of a United States Coast Guard cutter that had caught fire. She was in collision with the Norwegian steamship Hauk the following month. Her steering gear failed on a voyage in January 1926 and she returned to Glasgow for repairs.

In August 1926, a collision with Cunard's Samaria was avoided by 6 feet (1.8 m). Cameronia underwent a refit in 1928 to correct her tendency to pitch heavily. In 1929, another refit saw her accommodation refitted to cabin/tourist class. She now had accommodation for 290 cabin class, 431 tourist class and 698 3rd class passengers.

In 1934, Cameronia's Code Letters were changed to GDXS. She was laid up on the Clyde in December 1934. In 1935, the Anchor Line went into liquidation, and Cameronia was one of the assets purchased by Anchor Line (1935) Ltd. She remained laid up until the autumn of 1935, when she entered service as a troopship.

In spring 1936, she was again refitted and returned to use as an ocean liner. Cameronia participated in the 1937 Spithead Naval Review, where she was used as a floating grandstand.

General Lounge of the Cameronia

Photograph 17: General Lounge of the Cameronia

Writing Room of the Cameronia

Photograph 18: Writing Room of the Cameronia

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