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2nd Saloon and 3rd Class Accommodations - 1902

1902 Anchor Line Brochure

Descriptive travel brochure for Second Class and Steerage Passengers on the Anchor Line for 1902. Provides information on Rates, Accommodations and passenger information. Excellent source for finding out how much it cost your immigrant ancestors to come to America.

Second Saloon and Third Class

Weekly Service between New York and Glasgow via Moville, (Londonderry)

Steamers Sail from Pier No. 54, North River, Foot of West 24th Street, New York

For Further Particulars, Apply To:

Henderson Brothers, General Agents. 17 And 19 Broadway, New York. or  176 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago,

J. J. McCormick, Agent, 506 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Second Saloon Accommodations

PASSENGERS are berthed in Staterooms, on the forward Main Deck of all steamers. except " Columbia" and " Astoria," on which they are situated in after part of Spar and Main Decks. The rooms accommodate from two to six passengers each.

Berths are allotted in rotation of purchase, and numbers marked on tickets. Passengers are provided with all necessaries for the voyage, including a liberal supply of well cooked provisions served as per bill of fare in special Dining Room, but do not have access to Main Saloon, and are restricted in their use of the Promenade Deck.

Third Class Accommodations

This accommodation is exceedingly well lighted and ventilated, and fitted up in rooms, married couples, single women and single men being berthed separately. and every comfort and attention is furnished that is possible on an ocean steamer.

Third-class passengers are provided, free of charge, with a mattress, bedding, mess tins (plate, mug, knife, fork. spoon and water can). Tables are set for meals, and passengers are waited upon by stewards who take care of eating utensils.

A liberal supply of provisions, properly cooked, will be served on the steamers three times a day by the steamers' stewards ; breakfast at 9, dinner at 1, supper at 6 o'clock.

Baggage Stipulations and Restrictions

Second Saloon 20 cubic feet, and Third Class 10 cubic feet, free ; any excess will be charged for at rate of One Shilling sterling per cubic foot. All baggage before being sent to Anchor Line Pier should be labeled with name of passenger and steamer on which passage has been engaged.

No luggage will be put on board the steamers until it has been claimed by passengers and marked "Wanted" or " Not Wanted," on the voyage, as may be desired by owners.

Passengers should be on board with their baggage one hour prior to the time of sailing, as hurry and confusion are thereby avoided. and baggage less liable to be lost. Special Anchor Line labels can be obtained on application at the principal offices and agencies of the line.

Bicycles $2.50 to Glasgow or Londonderry

Second Saloon Rates of Passage

Subject to Advance For Any Sailing

Second Cabin Rates

New York To or From Glasgow or Londonderry
  Outward Prepaid Other Seasons
  From New York, June 1 to July 15 From Glasgow, Aug 1 to Sep 30 Prepaid or Outward
Columbia $40.00 $40.00 $37.50
Furnessia $35.00 $37.50 $35.00
Astoria $35.00 $35.00 $32.50
Anchoria $35.00 $35.00 $32.50
Ethiopia $35.00 $35.00 $32.50


  • 5 Percent Reduction on Round Trip Tickets.
  • Children over 1 year and under 12 years, HALF FARE.
  • Two berth rooms, $5.00 additional each passenger, each way.
  • Berths allotted and numbers given on application by letter or telegram. Deposit of $10 per berth must be paid when accommodation is accepted.

Third-Class Rail Rates To or From Glasgow

  • Liverpool: $3.65
  • Cardiff: $6.95
  • London: $8.00
  • Birmingham: $5.90
  • Blackburn: $3.90
  • Bradford: $4.20
  • Bristol: $7.45
  • Durham: $3.40
  • York: $4.25
  • Gloucester: $6.70
  • Leeds: $4.20
  • Leicester: $6.00
  • Manchester: $4.40
  • Newcastle: $3.15
  • Nottingham: $5.80
  • Oldham: $5.90
  • Sheffield: $5.00
  • Aberdeen: $3.10
  • Dundee: $1.70
  • Inverness: $4.20
  • Perth: $1.30
  • Edinburgh: $0.60

Third-Class Tourist Ticket, Glasgow to London and Return, With Stop-Over Privileges $12.69

Third Class Rates
Outward from New York Port Prepaid to New York

Including Bedding and Eating Utensils

$27.00 $26.00 Glasgow or Londonderry $27.75 $26.50
27.00 26.00 Belfast, rail from Derry 29.00 27.75
28.80 27.80 Dublin, rail from Derry 29.60 28.35
27.00 26.00 Liverpool, rail from Glasgow    
28.00 27.00 London, rail from Glasgow    
31.00 31.00 Antwerp Only issue Prepaid's from Rotterdam or Amsterdam $31.50 $31.50
29.00 29.00 Rotterdam
29.00 29.00 Amsterdam
30.00 30.00 Bremen
30.00 33.00 Hamburg
33.60 33.60 Oderburg
33.70 33.70 Oswiecin
$32.00 $31.00 Copenhagen, Christiansand, Christiania, Gothenburg, Malmo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondhjem, Esbjerg, Fredrickshavn, Helsingborg, Laurvig or Siken 28.50 28.50
35.00 34.00 Stockholm 31.50 31.50
35.00 34.00 Hango, Abo or Helsingfors 31.50 31.50
Children between 1 and 12 years of age, Half Fare.
Free Infants under I year, British ports, $3.00 3.00
$3.00 Infants under I year, Scandinavian ports $3.00 3.00
$2.00 Infants under I year, Continental ports $2.00 $2.00


PERSONS wishing to send for friends in the old country can be furnished with certificates of passage on remitting to us the amount of passage money, either by Express or Post Office Order, and giving the full names, ages and addresses of the parties for whom passage is desired.

By special arrangement with Railroad and Steamship Companies, Passengers can be booked THROUGH at lowest rates to any Seaport or Railroad Station in America.


can be purchased from the agents of the Line at lowest current rates, and will be found the safest and most economical way of transmitting money to friends in Great Britain and Ireland.

Rates Converted to 2007 Dollars using the Consumer Price Index 

  • $25.00 from 1902 is worth $621.53 in 2007
  • $27.50 from 1902 is worth $683.68 in 2007
  • $30.00 from 1902 is worth $745.83 in 2007 
  • $32.50 from 1902 is worth $807.99 in 2007
  • $35.00 from 1902 is worth $870.14 in 2007
  • $40.00 from 1902 is worth $994.45 in 2007

Samuel H. Williamson, "Six Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1790 to Present," MeasuringWorth, 2008.

S.S. Columbia

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