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Information For Passengers, American Line, 1901

Information for Passengers

SERVANTS berthed in First Cabin at am except between 1st August & 3rd November from Southampton, when rate is £15.

Minimum deposit to secure berth £5, or one-fourth the Passage Money when fare exceeds £20. Balance of Passage Money must be paid at latest day before sailing.

Round Trip Tickets are issued at a Reduction of 10 per cent. on the combined outward and homeward fares, except on £10 Rate.

If Tickets issued at lower Rates are used during the periods when higher rates are in force, they are subject to payment of difference in fare

The Company reserves the right to alter Rates or Passage without notice.

Large Deck Chairs can be secured, the Charge for which will be $1 for the voyage.


Seats at Table can be secured ip advance upon application at any of the Company's Offices, or upon embarking from the Second Steward.


For the convenience of Passengers, Reading and Writing Rooms, with Lavatories for Ladies and Gentlemen, have been provided at the West End Offices, 3, COCKSPUR STREET, near Trafalgar Square, LONDON, S.W., where the English daily papers and files of American newspapers are kept.

The City Offices are at 115 & 116, LEADENHALL STREET, E.C., where all information can also be obtained.


Paris Agency is at No. 9. RUE SCRIBE. Letters and Telegrams can be directed to care of this Office, and every information will be given to Passengers by the Agent, Mr. NICHOLAS MARTIN. Railway Guides, Tariffs, and other works of reference can be consulted at this Office.


The Steamers depart direct from the Empress Dock, at Southampton, at all states of the tide, embarking Passengers there without subjecting them to the inconvenience and discomfort of being transferred by a Tender. Special Trains from Waterloo Station, London, convey Passengers direct alongside the Steamers in the Empress Dock.


Labels are provided marked " WANTED " or "NOT WANTED," which should be placed on both ends, not on the tops or sides of Trunks. This will ensure wanted Baggage being available on board ship, and prevent delay in delivery.

In order to avoid mistakes, Passengers are EARNESTLY requested to take care that all their Baggage is distinctly labelled " WANTED " or "NOT WANTED " BEFORE THEY TAKE TRAIN FOR PORT OF EMBARKATION. Labels can be obtained on application at any of the Company's Offices.

The following arrangements are made for the convenience of Passengers, but neither the Company or its Agents accept any responsibility for damage, detention, or loss arising from any cause whatever.

Arrangements have been made in LONDON for collecting Baggage at domicile up to two days before Steamer's sailing, and forwarding same to Southampton by Freight Train at the risk and expense of the Owners of the Baggage.

Special arrangements have been made in PARIS for collecting Baggage at domicile up to two days before Steamer's sailing, and forwarding same for shipment at the risk and expense of the Owners of the Baggage. These packages will be put on board without Customs' examination.

Baggage, if despatched in time to arrive at Southampton before sailing day, may be sent to the care of RICHARDSON, SPENCE & CO., Southampton, they being advised whether carriage has been paid or not, the Carrier's name, how despatched, and whether wanted on the voyage or not.

This advice should be sent as early as possible. Baggage should not be sent to Cherbourg in advance for shipment, but in all cases to Southampton.

Special Labels for Baggage coming from the Continent will be sent on application. By arrangement with the British Customs Authorities, Baggage bearing these labels will be forwarded to Southampton in bond, without being opened for examination in England.

The Carriers to whom the Baggage is delivered should have their attention called to this. Very ample time should be allowed for transit of Baggage forwarded from the Continent.

Baggage is not Shipped until Passengers' Instructions are received. Such Instructions should be sent to Southampton 48 hours before sailing, and should give full particulars of the Packages to be shipped.

For Rugs, or other Baggage deposited with the Company on arrival, the name of the Steamer and date of arrival should be given.

Trunks or Packages for State Rooms should not exceed 13 inches in height, 2 feet in width, or 3 feet 6 inches in length.

On arrival at New York, Passengers will find uniformed Agents of the Manhattan Delivery Company (Adams' Express Company), who will arrange for prompt transfer of Baggage to Hotels, Residences, Railroad Stations, etc., in New York and vicinity.

Saloon Passengers are allowed 20 cubic feet or 400 lb. of Baggage free for each adult. 1/- per cubic foot will be charged for any excess, unless by special agreement.

Freight on Bicycles, which must be crated, 10/- each, Dogs £3 to £5 each. Arrangements for shipment must be made in advance.


Letters may be addressed to the care of RICHARDSON, SPENCE & CO., at any of their Offices, and they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions. Letters and Telegrams for Passengers on board Steamers should be addressed:-
.Class Passenger per SS To (or from) New York, 190
Care of RICHARDSON, SPENCE & CO., Southampton

The Company will not be responsible for Valuables, Jewellery, or Money, unless given into the charge of the Purser, and a receipt for same should be obtained from 'the Purser.

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