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SS St. Louis and St. Paul Cabin Class Deck Plan - 1901

Cabin Class Deck Plan, American Line TSS St. Louis and St. Paul

From top to bottom: Promenade Deck; Saloon Deck, Upper Deck, Main Deck of the American Line Steamships St. Louis and St. Paul.

Plan of American Line United States Mail

Twin Screw Steamers St. Louis and St. Paul

Of 11,629 Tons Each

Suites of Sitting Room, Bedroom, Bath and Toilet Room Colored Red

Deck Cabins, Bedrooms, Convertible Into Sitting Rooms Colored Green


  1. In St. Paul, 269 is a Four-Berth Room and 270 has a Sofa.
  2. Double Berths in 156, 250, 265 & 266 on St. Paul - Not on St. Louis.
  3. In St. Paul, Rooms 258 & 260 have one wash-basin each, St. Louis has two.
  4. In St. Paul, Rooms 162 & 278 have two wash-basins each, in St. Louis, Only one.

Dimensions of this Deck Plan: 26.4 x 22.1 cm

This Deck Plan is portion of the document: Tariff of First Cabin Fares from Southampton to New York, American Line, April 22, 1901

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