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Philadelphia, Queenstown, Liverpool Service

American Line 1907 Brochure - Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool


  • American Line, Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool Service (10 Photographs and illustrations) With its various Services, offers such a choice of routes, rates, ports and accommodations that no one can fail to find what will exactly suit his most exacting requirements.
  • Sailings, Rates, Bill of Fare
    The steamers of the Philadelphia-Queenstown-Liverpool Service sail on Saturdays from Philadelphia, and on Wednesdays from Liverpool. (For hours of sailing see sailing list). The minimum cost of a round-trip passage in the winter and intermediate season is at present $76.00, and in the summer season, $95.00. (For detailed information regarding seasons and rates, see rate sheet as these are subject to change.)
  • Outbound Passengers, Baggage, Arrival at Queenstown
    Passengers arriving at Philadelphia by rail can secure a hansom or "four-wheeler" at any of the depots and be conveyed with their baggage direct to the piers, foot of Washington Avenue. Or, they can arrange with the Union Transfer Agent on the train or at the depot to transfer the baggage at a cost of thirty-five cents for each piece, and take either a Market or Chestnut Street car east to Second Street, at either of which intersections the passenger will board a Mifflin Street car which runs south on Second Street to Washington Avenue. The pier is two blocks from where the passenger leaves the car.
  • Arrival at Liverpool, Passengers for Scotland, North of Ireland and London
    About eighteen hours after departure from Queenstown, the American Line steamer arrives at Liverpool, landing her passengers at the Prince's Landing Stage, adjoining the new Riverside Station of the London and Northwestern Railway, from which are run, under certain conditions, special trains direct to London on arrival of steamers from America. When there is no time to land here before the dock gates close, the steamer runs into the Huskisson Dock, where the Company's pier is located.
  • Rail and Channel Rates and Sailings
    The following rates on pages 13-14 will be of interest to the traveler, although we assume no responsibility for their accuracy, as they are compiled from the English and Continental guides, and are subject to change without notice.
  • Scandinavian Ports, etc.
    Passengers whose destination , etc, is some point in Scandinavia can proceed by rail from Liverpool to Hull, Newcastle, Grimsby, or other British east-coast port, and take steamer thence to their destination. The rates to the principal Scandinavian and Continental ports are quoted in our Rate Sheets, and are the only ones our agents are authorized to use in selling tickets and can only be availed of by passengers purchasing the European inland transportation in connection with the ocean booking before leaving America.
  • Special Information for Passengers
    The claiming of baggage by outward passengers is explained on page 10 of this booklet. Each passenger is allowed twenty cubic feet of baggage free on the ocean steamer. The excess charge is twelve and one-half cents per cubic foot. Each adult passenger booked through to or from London will receive transportation of baggage between Liverpool and London as follows:
  • Return Tickets, Foreign Money, Valuables and Passports
    (Prepaid Certificates) upon which no Tickets berth reservations have been made, will be honored by the American Line if presented to the European agents. These tickets must be sent with the application for return accommodations and payment made for any difference in the rate of passage.
  • American Line Principal Offices in the United States and Canada

Description of Brochure

  • Title: American Line: Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool
  • Date Puplished: Undated - 1907
  • Published by: The International Mercantile Marine Company (IMM) and the American Line
  • Number of Printed Pages: 34
  • Number of Photographs: 37
  • Number of Illustrations:7
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 20.9 cm
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