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Special Information for Passengers - American Line - 1907

Baggage. The claiming of baggage by outward passengers is explained on page 10 of this booklet. Each passenger is allowed twenty cubic feet of baggage free on the ocean steamer.

The excess charge is twelve and one-half cents per cubic foot. Each adult passenger booked through to or from London will receive transportation of baggage between Liverpool and London as follows:

  • On each Railroad Ticket, first-class: 240 pounds
  • On each Railroad Ticket, second-class: 200 pounds
  • On each Railroad Ticket, third-class: 120 pounds

and also free transfer of themselves and baggage between railways and steamers of American Line in Liverpool. Passengers for London should state destination when baggage is being labeled.

Baggage can be left in the Company's care at Liverpool, at a nominal charge, to await the return of the passenger.

Reservation of Berths and Contract Tickets. Berths can be secured in advance on payment of a deposit of $10.00 on each berth reserved, the balance of passage money to be paid during the intermediate and summer seasons, at least three weeks previous to the day of sailing.

When applying for berths either by mail or telegraph, please state whether accommodations are required for men or women, married couples, or families, and be careful to give the ages and sex of children and infants.


In order to secure a choice of berths for the return voyage, passengers should secure their westbound accommodations at the same time they secure the eastbound. When such westbound accommodations are secured on this side, we will issue the regular contract ticket, thus obviating the necessity of exchanging the prepaid ticket for the contract ticket in England.

When remitting the balance due on westbound tickets, passengers should advise whether or not they are citizens of the United States, and also furnish us with their foreign address. Passengers securing only westbound accommodations on this service, pay the regular deposit as above, and balance of passage money must be paid at least two weeks previous to departure from this side.

Embarking. Steamers sail from Philadelphia promptly at 10.00 a.m. Passengers embark at 8.00 a. m.

Deck Chairs. These are provided on all steamers and rented to passengers at a nominal charge of $i.00 for the trip. Apply to deck steward after sailing of steamer.

Deck looking aft

Seats at Table. Passengers may make application to the agent from whom tickets are purchased to have seats reserved at table.

It will be understood, however, that such applications will be acted upon by the second steward of the steamer in the order of their priority, and seats will be allotted accordingly immediately after the sailing of the steamer.

Stateroom Trunks. Trunks for use during the voyage should not exceed thirteen inches in height, two feet in width and three feet six inches in length.

Bicycles. These must be boxed or crated. Charge for ocean transportation, $2.50 each.

Dogs, Cats, Monkeys and Birds must be caged before being brought upon the steamer, and will be placed in charge of the ship's butcher. A charge of $10.00 each will be made for dogs, cats and monkeys. Charge for birds, $4.00 for each cage. In order to import wild animals or birds into the United States, a special permit must be obtained from the Secretary of Agriculture at Washington. Dogs to be landed in England require a special license from the Secretary of the Board of Agriculture in London. For Ireland, apply to the Veterinary Department of the Irish Privy Council, Dublin. No dogs will be received on board unless such license is shown.

Seal Skin Garments, whether old or new, are liable to seizure by the United States Customs Officers, unless certain conditions are complied with. Passengers taking such garments out or expecting to bring new ones into this country should write us fora circular giving full information on this subject.

Letters and Packages. Letters for passengers may be addressed to the care of the Company's offices in America or Europe, and they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions. All such letters should bear the address to which they should be sent if not called for. Packages sent either by mail or express, addressed to passengers, should be sent direct to the pier, and not to the Company's office. Address such packages to American Line Pier, foot of Washington Avenue, Philadelphia.

Stateroom Plans. These can be secured from our agent in your vicinity, or from this office, and intending passengers will be given any desired information.

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