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Sailings, Rates, Bill of Fare - American Line - 1907

Sailings and Rates

The steamers of the Philadelphia-Queenstown-Liverpool Service sail on Saturdays from Philadelphia, and on Wednesdays from Liverpool. (For hours of sailing see sailing list).

The minimum cost of a round-trip passage in the winter and intermediate season is at present $76.00, and in the summer season, $95.00. (For detailed information regarding seasons and rates, see rate sheet as these are subject to change.)

In 1906 the following tours were taken, showing how inexpensive a short trip to Europe has become: By S. S. Westernland from Philadelphia, July 21st: To Liverpool, to London (4 days in London), New Haven, Dieppe, Paris (5 days in Paris), to London, Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon, Chester, Liverpool, Philadelphia. Time, 36 days; entire cost, $175, = $4.86 per day.

By S. S. Merion from Philadelphia, June 23d:

To Liverpool, London (4 days in London), Hook of Holland, The Hague, Scheveningen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne, The Rhine, Mayence, Heidelberg, Lucerne, The Rigi, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Lausanne, Geneva, Paris (5 days in Paris), Dieppe, New Haven, London, Oxford, Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon, Chester, Liverpool, Philadelphia. Time, 51 days; entire cost, $ 2 7 5 = $5.39 per day.

The above cost includes: Cabin passage on ocean steamers. In Europe, first class on local steamers; second class on railroads (third class in England), the usual custom of American tourists; accommodation at good, comfortable hotels, including meat breakfast, meat lunch, and table d'hote dinner; transfers between stations and hotels.

Conveyance of 100 pounds of baggage in Great Britain, 56 pounds on the Continent, and 250 pounds on the Atlantic; carriages and fees for sight-seeing as mentioned in the itinerary.

Gratuities to hotel servants, railroad porters and guards, and the services of a competent conductor from arrival at Liverpool to departure therefrom. Of course the cost may be somewhat reduced if no conductor is employed.

And these are only two of a large number of trips of the same kind that can be taken to suit the wishes of the traveler, and all at a correspondingly low cost.

We have arranged a few sample tours, the itineraries for which have been printed on a separate leaflet and will be sent to any one on application. We have received statement of the cost of transportation for these tours while passengers are on shore, and for which coupons may be purchased before the land trip begins.

The cost of hotels ranges from $1.85 to $2.60 per day. The following itineraries are include in a separate leaflet:

1907 American Line Itineraries, Days and Cost
Tour No. Tour Locations Transportation Days Cost Only
1 England, France and Belgium 16 $19.50
2 London and Paris 22 $20.00
3 England (Cathedral Tour) 22 $21.50
4 England, Belgium, The Netherlands and Paris 15 $24.00
5 England and Scotland 15 $29.00
6 England and Ireland 22 $43.00
7 England and the Continent 22 $46.00
8 England, Ireland and Scotland 29 $51.00
9 England and the Continent 29 $73.00
10 England and the Continent 22 $89.00


Bill of Fare

For the consideration of intending patrons, we present the following bill of fare, taken at random from the weekly menu, to which are added seasonable fruits, fish, vegetables, etc.

Thursday Menu


  • Oatmeal Porridge and Milk
  • Boiled Hominy
  • Broiled Beefsteak, Mushroom Sauce
  • Grilled Ham and Eggs, Hashed Mutton on Toast
  • Sauté Potatoes
  • Hominy Cakes, Muffins, Toast
  • Cold Roast Beef, Cold Compressed Beef
  • Stewed Prunes
  • Tea, Coffee


  • Vermicelli Soup
  • Veal and Ham Pie, Mashed Potatoes
  • Stewed Apricots, Doughnuts
  • Cold Roast Beef, Cold Roast Mutton
  • Potted Brawn
  • Compressed Beef, Beet Roots
  • Brown Bread and Butter
  • Cheese, Crackers
  • Tea, Coffee


  • Spring Soup
  • Boiled Halibut, Sauce Piquante
  • Chicken Croquettes
  • Roast Ox Heart,
  • Stuffed Roast Turkey,
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Green Peas
  • Fig Pudding, Custard Sauce
  • Lemon Cheese Cakes
  • Ice Cream
  • Pears
  • Coffee

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