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Return Tickets, Foreign Money, Valuables and Passports - 1907

Return Tickets

(Prepaid Certificates) upon which no Tickets berth reservations have been made, will be honored by the American Line if presented to the European agents. These tickets must be sent with the application for return accommodations and payment made for any difference in the rate of passage.

Return Tickets (Contract Tickets) upon which accommodations have been secured for a specific berth or room and date of sailing, need not be sent to the European agents for exchange but the agents should be notified as soon as possible that the accommodations will be used.

Interchangeable Tickets

Special attention is called to the arrangement where by return tickets, issued at reduced rates by the American Line, Atlantic Transport Line, Dominion Line, Holland-American Line, Leyland Line, Red Star Line and White Star Line are interchangeable.

Passengers travelng to Europe by the American Line are thus enabled to use their return ticket by any one of the lines mentioned, or passengers holding return tickets of any of these lines may return by the American Line from Liverpool or Queenstown.

Full particulars of the conditions under which these tickets will be exchanged can be obtained upon application at this office, or to any of our agents.

Foreign Money

Foreign money can be secured or exchanged at this office, or at the pier on days of sailing or arrival of steamers.

Money Table. Showing the comparative values of the United States and other currencies, which however, are subject to fluctuation:

Currency Translation Table
U.S.A. England France, Belgian, Switzerland Germany Italy Holland, Austria Norway, Sweden, Denmark
$ cts £ s. d. Fr. c. Mks. pf. Lira c. Fl. cts. Kr. Ore
01 1/2 5 4 5 2 1/2 4
02 1 10 8 10 5 8
06 3 31 25 31 15 22
10 5 52 42 52 24 37
20 10 1.00 85 1.00 48 74
24 1.0 1.25 1.0 1.25 60 89
27 1.2 1.40 1.12 1.40 67 1.00
49 2.0 2.50 2.4 2.50 1.20 1.81
73 3.0 3.75 3.6 3.75 1.80 2.70
97 4.0 5.00 4.8 5.00 2.40 3.59
1.22 5.0 6.25 5.10 6.25 3.00 4.52
1.95 8.0 10.00 8.16 10.00 4.80 7.22
2.43 10.0 12.50 10.21 12.50 6.00 9.00
2.92 12.0 15.00 12.25 15.00 7.20 10.82
3.41 14.0 17.50 14.28 17.50 8.40 12.63
3.65 15.0 18.75 15.30 18.75 9.00 13.52
3.89 16.0 20.00 16.32 20.00 9.60 14.41
4.38 18.0 22.50 18.36 22.50 10.80 16.22
4.86 1.0.0 25.00 20.42 25.00 12.00 18.00
9.72 2.0.0 50.00 40.84 50.00 24.00 36.04
19.44 4.0.0 100.00 81.68 100.00 48.00 72.12

Travelers' Checks issued by the American Line are payable all over Europe and in foreign countries generally. These checks are issued in denominations of $ 10.00 , $ 20.00 , $50.00, $100.00 and $500.00, and each check shows on its face the exact amounts which will be paid in foreign money in the different countries of Europe.

Tourists will find these checks in every way the most desirable form in which to carry funds abroad. The advantage of being able to arrange with the same company for both passage and traveling funds will also be appreciated by our patrons. Full information on application at American Line offices and principal agencies in United States and Canada.

Money and Valuables

The Company will not be responsible for Money, Jewelry and other valuables of passengers. Passengers are warned not to keep such articles in their staterooms, but are recommended to hand same sealed, and marked with the owner's name, to the Purser for deposit in his safe, but as no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage however arising.

Stationery, Stamps, Telegraph Blanks, Etc. can be secured from the saloon steward.

Permits to "Inspect" or "Meet" Steamers can be secured at this office.

Religious Services are held on the steamers of the American Line every Sunday morning.

U.S. Customs Regulations for Incoming Passengers. For full information upon this subject, apply to this office for "Circular to Tourists" and " Notice to Passengers," issued by the Treasury Department.

Passports are not necessary to United States citizens in most European countries, but travelers frequently find it to their advantage to carry with them this evidence of their citizenship. They are useful as a means of admission to certain places of interest, and also for identification at banks or post-offices.

Passport application blanks, Which can be secured at stationery stores, should be filled out, sworn to before a notary public and then sent with $i.00 to the Secretary of State, Washington, D.C., who will return the passport in due time. This should be attended to at least two weeks before sailing.

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