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Arrival at Queenstown - American Line - 1907

Outbound Passengers

Passengers arriving at Philadelphia by rail can secure a hansom or "four-wheeler" at any of the depots and be conveyed with their baggage direct to the piers, foot of Washington Avenue.

Or, they can arrange with the Union Transfer Agent on the train or at the depot to transfer the baggage at a cost of thirty-five cents for each piece, and take either a Market or Chestnut Street car east to Second Street, at either of which intersections the passenger will board a Mifflin Street car which runs south on Second Street to Washington Avenue.

The pier is two blocks from where the passenger leaves the car.

Claiming Baggage at Pier

Upon arrival at the pier, passengers should immediately claim their baggage which will be found in close proximity to the main gangway. To "claim" baggage is to point it out to the baggage - master and see that it is properly labeled.

Stateroom baggage will be placed on deck until after the steamer leaves the pier, and will then be conveyed to the rooms.

Missing Baggage

In the event of any baggage missing the steamer, passengers should notify the baggage-master, giving him the necessary information where same should be forwarded, and upon arrival at Liverpool, also notify the baggage-master there to what address they wish it sent, handing to him the keys, if it is locked baggage, in order that he can have it examined by the customs officers, and forwarded without delay.

Arrival at Queenstown

Passengers wishing to disembark at Queenstown are taken on board one of the new saloon-fitted, electric-lighted tenders, which meet the American Line steamers in Queenstown Harbor, and they are landed with their baggage at the Custom House, which is part of the new railroad station of the Great Southern & Western Railway of Ireland, where their baggage is examined, and where they can arrange to have it forwarded to any point they may desire. Ample accommodations in the way of waiting and dining rooms, telegraph offices, etc., are provided for the use of passengers.

Trains leave Queenstown frequently for Cork, which is a distance of only thirty minutes. There are usually three daily trains from Queenstown through to Dublin, and passengers have the privilege of stopping over at any intermediate station.

The Great Southern & Western Railway allows 120 pounds free baggage to first-class, 100 pounds to second and 60 pounds to third-class passengers, and almost all the Irish railways make the same free allowances.

There are first-class hotels at Queenstown, Cork, Killarney and at all other places of interest and importance visited by tourists.

The landing of Queenstown passengers an baggage occupies from five minutes to half or three-quarters of an hour.

The American Line Agents at Queenstown are Messrs. James Scott & Co., who will be pleased to give passengers any desired information.

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