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Arrival at Liverpool - American Line - 1907

Arrival at Liverpool

About eighteen hours after departure from Queenstown, the American Line steamer arrives at Liverpool, landing her passengers at the Prince's Landing Stage, adjoining the new Riverside Station of the London and Northwestern Railway, from which are run, under certain conditions, special trains direct to London on arrival of steamers from America.

When there is no time to land here before the dock gates close, the steamer runs into the Huskisson Dock, where the Company's pier is located.

At either place the passengers' baggage is examined by the Custom House officials, and can be forwarded to any part of the country desired by the passengers.

There is also a cable and telegraph station at the Prince's Landing Stage, where messages can be sent to all parts of the world. The local rate in Great Britain for telegrams is one cent per word, addresses being charged for; the cable rate between Liverpool and Atlantic ports of the United States is twenty-eight cents per word, addresses also being charged for.

Customs Duties

Passengers will, on landing in Great Britain, be asked by the customs officials if they have any of the following articles, which are liable to duty or detention:

  • Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, snuffs.
  • Scents, wines, spirits of any sort.
  • Extracts of tea, coffee or chickory.
  • Gold or silver plate not manufactured in Great Britain.

The smallest quantities of any of these articles must be produced.

Reprints of any registered copyright works or music are prohibited.

The above articles are about the only ones upon which duty is likely to be charged in most of the European countries.

In all countries there are strict laws and regulations with severe penalties for smuggling, bribing customs officials, or even offering them a gratuity of any kind.

Passengers for Scotland

Passengers from Liverpool (Lime Street Station) for Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc., usually travel by the London and Northwestern Railway to Carlisle, thence by Caledonian Railway to points named, arriving at Central Station in Glasgow, or at Prince's Street Station in Edinburgh.

There are usually seven trains every week-day between these points, one of which has first and third-class dining cars. Stop-over privileges are allowed at all the important points between Liverpool and Glasgow or Edinburgh. (See pages 13-14).

There is a steamer nearly every week-day, sailing from Liverpool to Glasgow; fare, first class, $2.75; third class, $1.35. For other rates, distances, etc., see pages 13-14.

Passengers for the North of Ireland

Passengers whose destinations are in the eastern and northern counties of Ireland generally disembark at Liverpool, their further transportation being less expensive than by rail from Queenstown.

For Dublin and adjoining counties the most direct route is by steamer from Liverpool to Dublin twice daily, sailing from the Prince's Landing Stage, or Nelson Dock, Liverpool.

The steamers for Belfast and Londonderry leave from Prince's Landing Stage or the Prince's Dock at about 10 p.m. daily, except Sunday, for Belfast; and every Monday and Thursday for Londonderry.

Passengers for London

On arrival at Liverpool, passengers for London are, with their baggage after its inspection by the Custom House officers, transferred free of charge from the American Line steamer to either the London and Northwestern, the Great Western (which have three classes on their trains), the Midland, Great Central, or Great Eastern Railways, which three latter have only first and third class cars in their services. Stop-over privileges are allowed on all of these railroads at any station between Liverpool and London.

The ticket one way is good for ten days. The baggage, if so desired, can be forwarded from Liverpool direct to London ahead of the passengers, to await their arrival there.

If passengers wish to stop over at intermediate points, they should in all cases call the attention of the railway ticket agents to the fact, in order that the tickets may be properly endorsed. For further extension of London or Paris tickets call at American Line Offices, 27 and 29 Jame Street, Liverpool.

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