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Second Cabin Passenger Accommodations Information - 1908 Allan Line

1908 Allan Line Second Cabin Passenger Accommodations Information

The vessels have been carefully planned with special reference to the passenger trade, but at the same time will provide ample facilities for the carriage, in cold storage and cool compartments, of the produce of Canada's fertile fields to the mother land which waits to absorb them all.

The Saloon accommodation is described fully in a separate circular, here we may only sty that spacious staterooms amidships, perfect ventilation, and heating arrangements, music rooms and smoke room on promenade deck, with a fine dining saloon, constitute an ensemble that make the voyage across the Atlantic a pleasure trip.

These facilities may reasonably be expected by those paying the highest rate of fare, but in the last new vessels the management have made it their aim to provide the same accommodation to those who use the Second Cabin accommodation, which could with equal truth be called First Class.

The dining saloon for the Second Class is scarcely inferior, in beauty or appointments to the first. Smoking rooms, music rooms and promenade decks, with a fine Companionway " or entrance, make the Second Cabin, so far as the substantial comforts of the voyage are concerned, in all points equal to, but without in the slightest way interfering with the First Class.

The illustrations which follow are photographs taken from the " Corsican" but are equally faithful to the " Grampian " or " Hesperian " indeed the aim is to make each succeeding Steamer an improvement on her predecessor.

Second Cabin plans for reference are also subjoined and a " Menu " for one day. Every day on board a different menu is provided, but none is inferior to the one printed here.

With these facts before the intending passenger it is confidently expected that " Corsican," " Grampian " and " Hesperian " will quickly prove to be as popular ships as our " Victorian," " Virginian.' and " Tunisian."

N.B.—Corsican landed 455 Second. Cabin Passengers at Montreal, August 18th, 1907, on her second voyage, with one exception, the largest number of this 'class that was ever brought to Montreal.

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