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New Steamships - Allan Line 1907 Brochure

Allan Line 1907 Brochure - New Steamships


  • S. S. CORSICAN, 11,000 tons, Twin Screws.
  • S. S. GRAMPIAN, 10,000 tons, Twin Screws.
  • S. S. HESPERIAN, 10,000 tons, Twin Screws.

It is probably an unprecedented occurrence in the history of the Transatlantic Liner that three Steamers of 10,000 tons register or more, should be in course of construction at one time and placed in commission within six months of each other. Such is the fact with reference to the Vessels whose names appear at the top of this page.

The CORSICAN sailed on her first trip, from Liverpool, July 12th ; GRAMPIAN will sail from Glasgow on her first voyage, September 21st, and it is expected that HESPERIAN will be launched about the end of the year and be ready for service about April 1st, 1908.

The Turbine Steamer VICTORIAN and VIRGINIAN have proved so popular and are now so well known, on both sides of the Atlantic, that it is scarcely necessary to refer to their splendid accommodation for all classes of passengers here. In the three Seasons which they have been running, 30,000 persons have patronized them, and to those who have tested the Turbine Steamers we can safely leave the matter of their publicity.

As they were the first Ocean Steamers of this new method of propulsion, so also have they so far proved to be the most popular of any Steamers built for the Line, both as regards their speed, the regularity of their passages, their freedom from Vibration, and the comforts found on board.

The new Steamers just built, and now building, have been ordered to meet the wants of the ever-increasing trade between Great Britain and Canada, a trade that is expanding by "leaps and bounds."

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