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Handbook of Travel - The Scientific American (1910)

Comprehensive brochure on Transatlantic ocean travel published by Scientific American. Profusely illustrated and breadth of content makes this an exceptional brochure from this period in history.

With Hints for the Ocean Voyage, for European Tours and a Practical Guide to London and Paris

  1. Preface
  2. A "Grand Tour"
  3. Baggage Rules And Regulations
  4. Barber, Hair Dressing And Manicuring
  5. Baths And Toilet Accommodations
  6. Bedding And Towels
  7. Booking Passage On A Steamship
  8. Bull Board: An Historic Game Played on Steamships
  9. Cameras, Dark Rooms And Field Glasses
  10. Checking of Baggage in Bond
  11. Cigars - An Historical Perspective on Quality and Acceptance
  12. Cost Of European Trip
  13. Couriers
  14. Culinary Department
  15. Daily Newspaper And Stock Reports
  16. Death Of Passengers on a Steamship - An Historical Perspective
  17. Deck Games and Amusements
  18. Deck Quoits - A Favorite Game Played by Cabin Passengers of Steamships
  19. Divine Service - Sunday Mornings On A Steamship
  20. Drinking Water And Medicines
  21. Educational Tours
  22. Express Cheques - American Express Company
  23. Express Package Rates
  24. Fees At Private Houses In England
  25. Fees Paid by Passengers on Steamships and Ocean Liners
  26. Foreign Customs - A Note To Passengers Of Steamships
  27. Funds Needed On Board For Voyage
  28. Getting the "Sea Legs" - Learning to Walk on a Steamship
  29. The Popular Gymnasium on Steamships and Ocean Liners
  30. Hand Baggage, Etc.
  31. How To Carry Funds For Your Voyage
  32. How To Get To Hoboken
  33. Independent Tours
  34. Interpreters
  35. Language
  36. Laundry Work
  37. Lowest Transatlantic Ocean Rates
  38. Meal Hours At Sea
  39. Memoranda For The Year 1910
  40. Memoranda For The Year 1911
  41. Miscellaneous Gleanings and Facts - 1910 Travel Guide
  42. Miscellaneous Service
  43. Money By Telegraph
  44. Music and Concerts for Passengers
  45. Nurse
  46. Ocean Stop-Over at Ports of Call Around the World
  47. Passengers' Quarters
  48. Passports
  49. Personally Conducted Tours
  50. Pier Permits
  51. Preliminary Reading And Guide Books
  52. Reading Matter - Books and Magazines
  53. Rules for Playing Shuffle-Board
  54. Seasickness on Journeys on Steamships and Ocean Liners
  55. Season And Climate
  56. Seats At Table
  57. Second Cabin Accommodations
  58. Sending Cablegrams On Landing
  59. Sending Letters Abroad
  60. Smoking Room
  61. Steamer Chairs
  62. Steamer Rugs
  63. Steamer Trunks
  64. Steamship Company Checks
  65. Steerage Accommodations
  66. Terminal Ports and Ports of Call of Principal Transatlantic Steamships / Ocean Liners
  67. The Pools (Parimutuel Betting) on a Steamship Or Ocean Liner
  68. Thermometer Scales
  69. The Sea Post Office
  70. Third Class Accomodations
  71. Time
  72. Transporting Valuables On Steamships
  73. Visiting Steamships
  74. What To Expect During the Voyage
  75. What To Pack For Your Voyage
  76. Wireless Information
  77. Wireless Telegraphy
  78. Writing Materials and Typwriters

Compiled and Edited by
Albert A. Hopkins
Editor of The Scientific American Reference Book
SOO Illustrations
New York gribunn & (a., Inc., published 1910
Copyright 1910
By MUNN & CO., Inc.
Matter Copyright
1902, 190'3, 1904, 1903, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909
by Munn & Co.
All Rights Reserved
Right of Translation Reserved
Into all Languages including the Scandinavian

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