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Writing Materials and Typwriters On Steamships - 1910


Writing materials are furnished free of charge on all steamships and are usually in charge of the library steward, who often sells souvenir postal cards as well.

Stationery can also be had at various hotels in Europe and also at cafés, where a moderate charge is made.

Travelers should not fail to carry a fountain pen, and at least two fillers carried in different parts of the baggage, as a filler is apt to become broken and .is not easily replaced except in the very largest cities.

The fillers which come with a bottle of ink in a wooden case are particularly recommended, as there is no chance whatever of the ink spilling no matter what the position of the hottle. Such bottles are heavy, however.


Some vessels carry one or more typewriters who do copying and take dictation from passengers. As far as possible business should be left at the gang-plank on emharking.

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