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Steamship Steerage Accommodations - 1910

Steerage Dining Room

Photo 072: Steerage Dining Room is far from an unattractive place

On most lines and on most ships the steerage is the third class, although on some lines, or rather on some steamers of some lines, there is a class intermediate between the second cabin and the steerage. called the third class, wbich may be looked upon as a kind of "improved" steerage.

Accommodations in the steerage are almost as good at the present day as second class accommodations of twenty years ago. All of the stories of overcrowding, un-sanitary surroundings, etc., are not true as regards the principal lines, and the Government inspection both here and abroad is most rigid.

The steerage is not recommended for the use of tourists, and those who cannot afford accommodations in the second class should postpone their visit until such time as they can afford . to travel comfortably. rrbe steerage is, of course, a boon to hundreds of thou-sands of immigrants.

In the year 1909, 771,380 persons were landed from the steerage at the Port of New York by thirty-four lines. The food is excellent as will be seen by the annexed bill of fare:


Oatmeal Porridge, Milk and Syrup, Boiled Eggs. Vegetable Stew, Swedish Bread and Butter, Hot Rolls, Jam or Marmalade. Tea, Coffee or Milk.

Soups, Beef Steak. Kosher Beef. Roast Mutton. Beans, Potatoes. and Vegetables, Bread. Pickles. Plumi Pudding and Sweet Sauce.

Tea, 6 P.M.
Boiled Eggs. Corned Reef, Bread and Flutter, Currant Ftuns, Tea, Jam or Marmalade.

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