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Smoking Rooms on Steamships - 1910

Second Cabin Smoking Room

Second Cabin Smoking Room - SS Deutschland

Cigars can be purchased on the steamers, but it is recommended that smokers carry a box of cigars, each one of which is wrapped in tinfoil and wax paper; this will keep the cigars in prime condition. The sea air is very destructive to the flavor of tobacco.

Smoking is not allowed in staterooms or in the companionways, but is allowed on deck and in the smoking room, and usually in the lounge.

Passengers are not allowed to take liquors on board for their own use, but they can purchase all they require at the bar at more moderate rates than on shore, either by the glass or bottle, as there are no duties to pay.

Wine, beer and mineral waters are also carried by every steamer and are for sale at moderate rates. Wine cartis should be signed for wine, but the stewards should be paid for all other articles at the time of consumption, as they cannot be charged. The head steward will collect at end of voyage. All accounts in the smoking room are payable at the time.

Smoking Room - SS Moltke

Smoking Room - SS Moltke and SS Blücher

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