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Sending Letters Abroad - 1910

Be sure and give all of your friends instructions to forward their mail care of a banker or tourist company, or the American Express Co. from whom you purchased tickets, etc.

Great care is taken with mail and it is forwarded according to instructions. Selcct an office of these companies in some large city and have all tbe mail sent tbere, and give this office specific information as to your movements.

The following advice is given by the American Express Co. relative to the forwarding of letters and telegrams, also the registered cable addresses. Duplicate lists will be found in their "Notes of Interest" which mailed hy tbe company on request.

Cablegrams sent through them should be arranged for in advance. Travelers are natur-ally expected to patronize companies or bankers vvho perform services for them by giving them a share of their business either in the transmittal of funds or the purchase of steamship and railway tickets.

Letters in regard to mall or telegrams should be on sheets separate frotn communications on other subjects. Married ladies, to prevent delay in the forwarding of their letters and telegrams, should state both their own and their husbands' given or Christian names when requesting the offices to transmit such matter.

Enquiries regarding reforwarded mall matter and telegrams will be promptly attended to at the Company's offices in Europe. Patrons should bear in tnind, however. that the Company is not ac-countable for such matter after mailing.

The post office departments throughout Europe do not assume "responsibility for the prompt transmission of mall matter: and will not answer enquiries concerning the delivery of newspapers.

Patrons requesting Company's offices in Europe to open and reforward by wire their cablegrams and telegrams, will be expected to deposit against chargesi In the absence of such deposit, cablegrams and telegrams will be reforwarded by mall, unopened.

In going out of harbor, letters may be given to the pilot for mailing, when he leaves the vessel after taking her out.

Letters and telegrams for delivery to passengers on board ocean steamships should be addressed as follows:
"Mr _________________________
Passenger S. S. ____________________
New York City, N. Y.,"

"Boston," "Liverpool." or whatever the port may be and the envelope should
also show name and address of sender.

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Passengers who are desirous of sending letters to friends should have them ready and stamped at least half an hour before the pilot is dropped. On vessels leaving New York, American stamps must be affixed; on vessels leaving England, English stamps must be used, and the same with other foreign countries.

During the voyage letters May be posted in the special box provided for the purpose, and where there is a sea post office, they will he sorted en route.

Passengers wishing to send telegrams and cablegrams, or Marconi-grams, should apply at the purser's office. That official, or his clerk, usually issues a receipt for the amount of the charges paid.

Passengers should keep these receipts, as complaints ahout the loss of telegraphic messages cannot he remedied if no receipts can be produced in support of such claims.

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