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Sending Cablegrams On Landing - 1910

Sending Cables and Telegrams at Fishguard

Sending Cables and Telegrams at Fishguard

Immediately on landing the traveler can avail himself of the opportunity to send cablegrams. A registered cable address should be left at home in order to save expense, for every word is charged for. Usually, abroad, the amount of the fee paid must be indicated by postage stamps attached to the telegram.

Sometimes a receipt for the charges is furnished for a small fee of, say, four cents of our money. Cable blanks will be found on all the steamers and at all the landings.

Great care should be taken to count the words and see that there is no overcharge in sending these cablegrams. Be sure to count your change; this is particularly necessary at these cable and telegraph offices where the volume of business is so great.

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