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Seats at the Dining Table on Steamships - 1910

Corner of the First Class Dining Saloon on the SS France (1912)

Corner of the First Class Dining Saloon on the SS France (1912)

Application should be made to the chief steward on hoarding the steamer for seats at table. The chief steward assigns all seats at table. Where a numher of persons are sailing on the same vessel and wish to be placed together, this fact. together with the names, should be sent to the company a day or so in advance of sailing, and the necessary arrangements will be made.

Room stewards will arrange with bath stewards for reservation of a hath-room for a certain hour. During the husy traveling season it is wise to write ahead for such accommodations.

The annexed diagram indicates the seating arrangements on a typical liner. It shows that some of the tables have accommodations for two. while some of the tables accommodate ten people. Of course the arrangement varies on every steamer, but it gives an idea of what may be expected on an average liner.

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