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Rules for Playing Shuffle-Board on Steamships - 1910

Passengers Playing Suffle Board at Sea.

The photograph above shows the way in which the sailors lay out the diagram in chalk on the deck of the vessel. The game gives exercise, and several parties are usually playing at the same time. The paraphernalia, which is simple. consists of weights which are Pushed by sticks, as shown in our engraving.

Each one plays in turn, and nothing is scored until the finish of the round. when the players are credited with the number of points marked in the squares occupied by their weights.

The piece of an opponent may be struck out of the square altogether. Should one of the weights remain in the apsidal at the bottom, marked "minus 10;' this is deducted from the player's score.

In order to win, the player must score exactly 50 points; all over that number are subtracted from .50. Thus, if a player scores the 46 and he scored 8 points more, 4 would be added to make his count 50 and 4 would be deducted, which would thus leave a score of 46. Sailors are always glad to give details as to playing ring toss and other games.

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