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Photo 133 - Book Stall On A Steamship

Bookstall on a Steamship

On certain ships there are book stalls where works of fiction, travel guide books and periodical literature can be obtained. Such stands should be on every vessel. Periodicals are sold on the piers of all lines.

Every steamer carries a library for the free use of passengers. Books can be taken to staterooms, but should be returned to the library steward before landing. Remember that he has to pay for all hooks lost. The SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN will be found in the reading rooms of 150 ocean and coastwise steamers, and on 250 library and Café cars on railways in the United States.

The following is a list of thc ocean and coast-wise steamship companies where the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN will he found :

  • Allan Line
  • American Line
  • Anchor Line
  • Canadian Pacific Steamship Co.
  • Great Northern Steamship Co.
  • Hamburg-American Line
  • Holland-America Line
  • Mallory Line
  • North German Lloyd Co.
  • Ocean Steamship Co.
  • Quebec Steamship Co.
  • Red Star Line
  • Southern Pacific Co.
  • Ward Line
  • Cunard Line
  • Clyde Line
  • White Star Line

The SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN will be found in the weekly edition on the following railroads :

  • New York Central & Hudson River R. R.
  • New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R.
  • Boston & Albany R. R.
  • Pennsylvania R. R.
  • Southern Railway
  • Atlantic Coast Line
  • Seaboard Air Line Railway
  • Michigan Central
  • Chicago Northwestern
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