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Preliminary Reading and Guide Books For Your Transatlantic Voyage in 1910

A list of appropriate books will be found in the BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end of the book. The writer has in preparation detailed information as to various places having literary association with special reference to visiting them. While this matter cannot be gotten ready in time for this edition, still the titles may suggest some timely reading: "Dickens' England," "Burns Country," "The Hardy Country," "The Ingoldsby Country," "The Canterbury Pilgrims," "Knutsford" (Cranford), "Broadway" England.

The White Star Line Ocean Liner "Adriatic"

Photo 035 - White Star Line Adriatic - Stately Giant Of The Sea With Immense Passenger Accommodations. Length: 726 Feet; Tonnage: 23,541; Horsepower: 40,000.

For the Continent there is in preparation "Memorable Paris Houses," "The Paris of Dumas," "In the Foot-steps of Goethe," "Wagnerian Pilgrimage," 'Me Passion Play," "Dante and His Time." Any reader of this "Dickens' London," "Thackeray's England," "Gilbert White and Sel-borne," Along the Streams with Izaak Walton," "Carlyle's England," "Land of Scott," "Shakespeare's England," "In the Footsteps of Our Forefathers," "AliIton's England," "Lorna Doone and Exmoor," and "With the Poets in the Lake Country."

The book who has made any of these journeys and who would like to contribute his or her quota to the sum total of travelers' lore, are requested to write to A. A. Hopkins, Box 773, New York City, N. Y. All information will be promptly acknowledged and available matter will be used at the first opportunity.


A list of guide books and books for preliminary study will be found at the back of the present volume (see the index). While the list normally be- longs in this section of the hook, it is not found possible to get the list in the proper form in time to include it here, as a number of books were announced as coming out while the major part of this book was on the press.

Those who have no time to consult this list before starting on the trip will do well to provide one or two Baedeker's Guides for use on the voyage, in order to enable a traveler to prepare for the first stages of the trip, such as Baedeker's Guide to Great Britain, price $3.00; London, $1.80; Paris, $1.80, or Berlin, 90 cents.

To those who do not wish to purchase Baedeker's Guides, we commend the information given elsewhere in this book. The matter is in sufficient detail to enable the traveler to locate comfortably in London, Paris or Berlin, as well as to make the journey. with the proper knowledge of the traveling conditions, etc.

Do not calculate on buying guides just before you start. The most useful are very often "out of print" or "out of stock," particularly the indispensable "Baedeker's." We made up a list of the more popular ones (ten in number) and submitted them to the American agents.

The list was as follows: Northern France, Southern France, Northern Germany, Southern Germany, Rhine. Great Britain, Lon-don, Paris, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. Out of this number, Southern Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and Holland were out of stock as well as the "Conversation Dictionary"(a very useful little book). which sells for 90 cents. A full list of guides with critical notes will be found in the BIBLIOGRAPHY at the back of the book.

Ladies who desire additional information as to preparation for the journey, and special information which will benefit them in traveling abroad, should purchase a copy of Mary Cadwalder Jones' "European Travel for Women," which is published in this country at an expense of $1.00.

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