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Ocean Stop-Over at Ports of Calls - 1910

Passengers who wish to disembark at a port of call when the steamer is going to other ports should notify the baggage master, or if there is none on board, the purser, in order that the baggage may be looked up and landed. Stop-over privileges are usually allowed on steamships, and the necessary arrangements can be made with the purser. No general rule can be given.

Stop-overs afford opportunities for a side trip, and proceeding by subsequent voyages is often allowed. Passengers are not always required to book for an entire cruise, as arrangements can be made to return to your home port or tour other parts of Europe on other vessels of the same steamship line (or affiliated steamship lines).

Many World Cruises are set up so that fellow voyagers can call on many ports aroiund the world, the larger ones, a stay of two days in port is not uncommon while smaller ports may only have less than a day to see the local sites before moving on to the next port.

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