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Nurse On Board Steamships - 1910

An experienced trained nurse is carried by most large liners and is at the disposal of passengers who may become seriously ill.

By 1922 It was reported that almost every steamship vessel had a registered nurse. In past years, it had been customary for a stewardess to act as a nurse and to aid the ship's surgeon.

Many nurses, especially those with the United States Lines, were trained in big hospitals, and practically every one of the had experience as an army nurse during the first world war.

Many of the passenger lists in the collections of the GG Archives listed private duty nurses that accompanied many of the wealthier patrons -- typically in First or Saloon class during the late 1800s and early 1900's possibly an idication of the avaialbility of nurses supplied by the steamshp companies during that era.

On some voyages, a nurse would be assigned to steerage to handle all but the most severe medical problems encountered in the steerage. By 1910, a movement started to install a trained nurse on every ocean steamship. Within a decade, the movement succeeded in making sure a trained nurse or registerd nurse was on board every steamship.

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