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Miscellaneous Gleanings and Facts - 1910 Travel Guide

Typical Cargo Items on Large Express Steamship

The following are some of the cargo items on a large express steamer of 18,500 tons: Corn and wheat, 170,000 bushels; lubricating oil, 3,362 barrels; lard, 6,225 barrels and tubs; dried prunes, 11,625 boxes; cottonseed oil, 700 barrels; phonographs, 174 cases; type-writers, 73 cases; sewing-machine woodwork, 867 cases; agricultural implements, 3,219 packages.

In all, 62 kinds of American products were loaded into this one vessel. After deducting the cabin space for 1,450 passengers of all classes and bunker space for 2,000 tons of coal, there remains 785,000 cubic feet for cargo. If loaded exclusively with one kind of freight, it could carry any one of the following quantities: 590,000 bushels of wheat, or 628,000 of corn; 31,000 bales of cotton, or 15,000 tons of copper; 65,000 barrels of oil, or 825,000 boxes of dried fruit.

Past and Present Ocean Liner Travel

Those who wish to see the difference between the modern liner of today with its great luxury, and the vessel of sixty years .ago, should read, while on board, Charles Dickens' account of his early voyages to America which are given in "American Notes" and "Martin Chuzzlewit."

Keeping Eggs Fresh - An Usual Manner

One steamship company keeps eggs fresh by covering them with fresh butter as soon as received, placing them on straw and turning them every day.


Except in England, bargaining is almost universal, except in the very large shops, like the Bon Marche, in Paris. In Italy there are few fixed prices.

Chair Prevents Seasickness

A chair has been designed to prevent seasickness. This chair has been actually tested on a voyage and a number of passengers who were badly upset by the pitching of the ship declared that while they were in the chair they felt no had effects whatever, but when they no longer used it; the seasickness in some cases at once returned, although not in others The chair is operated by a motor which serves to give the seat and back motion; the long movements of the vessel are thus broken up and are constantly interrupted by brief movements in the opposite direction, thus counteracting the causes which produce seasickness.

Converting Foreign Currency

Remember that the purser only carries a limited supply of foreign currency and that he can only exchange money for passengers to a limited amount Do not calculate to do any more than pay your ship's account with steamship checks if you use them.

New Service Between Hamburg and New Orleans

A new service between New Orleans and Hamburg will shortly he inaugurated by the Hamburg America Line. This will divert a nortion of the immigration business into the Southern Statesi Although the sea journey is considerably longer, the passenger rates will be the same.

New Piers and Breakwater at Fishguard

The piers and breakwater are being cornpleted at Fishguard. This will enable ships to come alongside and embark passengers and mail on Saturday night instead of having to wait five or six hours at Queenstown.

Packages Delivered On Steamer

Baskets of fruit, boxes of books, as supplied by Brentano's, should reach the steamer in ample time before sailing—if possible the day before. Flowers should reach the steamer an hour before sailing. Florists are used to this king of trade and make all the arrangements with almost unerring success.

Passengers can have flowers kept in cold storage until ship arrives. Liquors should not be sent as presents, as it is forbidden for passengers to supply their own liquors. The stateroom number should be put on all package labels.

Cunard Line to Eliminate Queenstown (Cobh) as Port for Mail Ships

The Cunard Steamship Company have decided to eliminate Queenstown altogether as a port of call for their eastbound mail ships. The slower liners "Caronia" and "Carmania" will call at Queenstown on both their east and westbound trips in the summer.

By the saving of time in dropping Queenstown, it is expected that passengers from the " Mauretania" and " Lusitania" will reach London on Monday in time to connect with the nine o'clock mail train via Dover-Calais, which will land them in Paris at 5.50 a. m. Tuesday morning. This will land passengers in Paris from eighteen to twenty-four hours earlier than by the present Cherbourg service. Special carriages for passengers to the Continent via the Great Western Railway will bc slipped at Reading, thus cutting out London on the trip to Dover.

Department Store

On one ship at least there is a "department store," so-called, although it is only a counter where notions and other articles needed by travelers are sold. Similar stalls should be on all ships, although the barber often supplies the minor necessaries of life.

Fresh Flowers

On some one or two ships a florist's shop is carried, ensuring fresh flowers during the voyage.

Fancy Work For Ladies

Ladies will find a little fancy work will occupy spare moments, especially if the weather is so bad that the deck is not agreeable.

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