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Laundry Work Onboard the Steamships - 1910


On some of the ships in the Asiatic and Pacific trade, laundry work is done on board. This is a great convenience to travelers. So far as we know this has not been adopted on any trans-Atlantic steamer as yet, although a limited *amount of washing can usually be provided for by the stewardesses. but the practice is not recommended.


Repairing and pressing of clothes can usually be arranged for either through the stewards or the barber. The charges vary with the line of work required.

Laundry on "A" Steamers

A significant fact is the part played by electricity in ministering to the comfort of the passengers. The gain in cleanliness and speed due to these appliances is most marked, and the best hotels can show nothing better in the appointment of this most important feature.

The electric laundry is one of the shows which have attracted much attention; but it is more than this; during the year or so that similar arrangements have been in use on others of the ‘‘A’’ steamers they proved themselves as practical as they are ingenious.

Passengers on these steamers no longer have to depend upon the casual services of stewards and stewardesses, but can rely for their laundry work on as much skill as they can get ashore. (The Steamship, Mar 1908)

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