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Independent Steamship Tours and Estimated Costs - 1910

Owing to the fact that many of the railroad companies in Europe revise their rates of fares for the season in March, it has not been possible to place specific information relative to tours at this point in the book.

It is thought that the reader would not find it onerous to consult the index if the information ultimately conveyed would be rendered more accurate by including this information as to the rail-ways, tours, etc., at the back of the book.


European travel expense fluctuates with the purse. It is easy to map out the approximate cost of a simple. tour with the information given. For more extended tours consult a tourist agency. For example take tour No. 34 in back of book. This is an excellent one.

  • Atlantic Transport Line, New York - London, minimum $82.50
  • Tour No. 34, second class 74.55
  • Cherbourg to New York, German ship 87.50
  • Steamer Fees 12.00
  • Baggage Transfer 1.50
  • Hotels, 60 days at $3.00 180.00
  • Sight-seeing 50.00
  • Extra Drives 10.00
  • Extra Tips 10.00
  • Photographs 5.00
  • Postcards 1.00
  • Laundry 6.00
  • Sundries 15.00
  • Total $535.05

By using the second class on the steamer a saving of $55.00 can be effected. By living more economically at hotels and by reducing other expenses, about $75.00 more could be saved; we, therefore, have :

$535.05 less 130.00 or $405.05

On the other hand, if better steamer accommodations are required, as the "Kronprinzessin Ceeilie" one way and the "Geo. Washington" the other, the expense would be increased by $75.00 or $620.05 in all, and if $30.80 he added for first class travel, on rail- roads, we have $650.85.

It should be remembered that this is for minimum accommodations. $100.00 more would not give very luxurious accommodations on the crack ships, but it would on the slower ships.

The trip could easily be extended in time, making it cost about $900.00 for first class all through, fine accommodations and money to spend, so we have an identical trip which varies $500.00 for increased accommodations and an extra month.

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