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Funds Needed On Board For Voyage - 1910

Where additional passage money is paid for extra accommodations, chair hire, freight, etc., the payments should be made in cash as the purser is not authorized to receive checks.

A purser has a limited amount of money to cash circular notes, etc., of his own line. It is not safe, however, to depend on this. At least $25.00 should be carried in American money and foreign money, preferably English gold; the largest sums will be carried in the form of five-pound notes. American money is also accepted.

Do not try to use American money in England outside the principal seaports, as even banks view it with suspicion, or rather the dense ignorance of the clerks leads them to refuse our paper money, although it will be accepted "for collection" in London, which service is of no avail to travelers who need money for immediate use.

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