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Foreign Customs For Passengers Of Steamships - 1910

There are a pumber of articles which must not be imported into some countries. Thus, foreign matches and playing cards must not be imported into France. matches being a national monopoly.

In England it is forbidden to bring in reprints of English copy righted books; they are liable to be confiscated if found.

Passengers landing in England are allowed to bring in a pint of drinkable spirits, or a half pound of cigars or tobacco. Such articles must, however, be declared to the Customs inspector.

All tobacco must be declared at the Italian Customs under penalty of a heavy fine. Living plants must not be brought into Germany, and the importation of medicines is prohibited in a number of countries on the Continent, such as France. Norway. Russia and Sweden. A sufficient quantity for the journey, however, is usually allowed.

On the Continent enough cigars are usually allowed for a railway journey, say a cigar case full. Guns must pay duty in Germany, Belgium and Portugal. Special permits are required for the importation of gunsi in Spain. Dogs are free in most countries: we have already referred to the importation of dogs into Great Britain without a license.

The tables under statistical information give distances from principal ports abroad to places in this country.

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