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Fees at Private Houses in England - 1910

A 1910 version of Vaction or Holiday Rentals of modern times.

England is the land of tips. You cannot escape them if you try a "week-end." Saturday to Monday at a private house of no great pretension will cost the casual visitor about $1.50 whether men servants or maid servants are employed.

Two shillings and six pence is correct for the housemaid and butler. Where no butler is employed, the parlor maid gets the same amount, while the housemaid receives about two shillings, and the boy, if he has done anything for you, gets about the same. English servants pack and unpack all luggage so that the fees are not begrudged.

Allow about $5.00 a week, not forgetting the coachman. Increase this about fifty per cent. if there are two in the party. Some hostesses put notices in the bedrooms asking guests not to fee, but try it on just the same, you will usually be successful. In very large mansions the fees are much greater and no adequate scale can be given. The expense will be well up in the pounds

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