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Express Package Rates via Steamships - 1910

The following is a tariff of all rates for express packages. It should be re-membered that rates of this kind are subject to change without notice, and they are published solely in the interests of the traveler.

These rates may be considered to be maximum. Thus we find another company offering shippings to Italy as low as 40 cents a single pound to Genoa, 60 cents to Rome, and 65 cents to other railway stations.

Also a rate of 30 cents a 'pound to Paris and 25 cents a pound for shipments to London, via Southampton. The rates on say a hundred pounds do not vary in quite the same ratio.

It is believed that with this tariff of rates the intending traveler can make his arrangements as to shipping packages of guide books, etc., rather more intelligently than without it.

Rates to South Africa, North Africa, Asia, India, Japan, Australia, the West Indies, Porto Rico, Central America and South America are not included, as these rates vary so radically that it is impossible to get any accurate idea of what the shipment would actually cost without the pub-lication of a more extensive table than space will permit.

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