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Express Cheques From Steamship Lines - 1910

The American Express Compapy issue express cheques which are available to bankers all over the world. These express cheques are in convenient amounts of $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, etc. They can be purchased at any of the offices of the express company either here or abroad.

Fig 082 - Facsimilie Of Express Company Cheque

Fig 082 - Facsimilie Of Express Company Cheque

Letters may be forwarded to their correspondents abroad. All travelers should write the company at 65 Broadway, New York, for information relative to travelers' checks, also their "Notes of Interest" and "Cable Code" for travelers, which is a duplicate of the one printed in this book. This will enable you to leave a copy at home. This literature is furnished gratis and is recommended.

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