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Educational Tours - 1910 Travel Guide

There are a number of people who combine instruction in art and literature with traveling in their tours. The following is an example of a tour for ladies offered by an artist. Mrs. Fanny Rowell, 15 Gramercy Park, New York City. The expense of the entire tour is $700.

The party started on April 16, 1910, and New York is supposed to be reached on July 9. This will give some idea of what may be expected in a first-class tour of this kind, with advantages of the best guides, carriages, etc.

Leave New York Saturday, April 16th, on S. Si Barbarossa (11 a. m.), North German LLoyd Mediterranean liner, pass the Azores, entering Spain by Gibraltar, cross to Tangier; return to Algeciras, Spain, Ronda, Bobodilla, Grenada—The Alhambra, Sevilla, Cordova, Alcazar, Madrid, Toledo, Saragossa, Barcelona.

Leaving Spain by the Southern Frontier to Marseilles, France, Riviera, Nice, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Genoa, Italy. May 12th, by North German Lloyd steamer to Naples, remain until 18th; Capri—Sorrento, Amalfi, Pompeii; Rome. 19th—one week May 26th, Siena; 28th, Pisa to Florence. June 2d, Padua to Venice. 7th, Through Tyrolean Alps Coaching—Bellino, Pieve di Cadore, Corteno, Toblach. 14th, Innsbruck, capital of Tyrol. 16th, Munich. capital of Bavaria, Passion play, Ober arnmergau, 19thi 20th, Vienna, 25th, Prague to Dresden. Berlin. 27th, 28th. 29thi Hamburg. 30th, reaching New York by new large S.S. Cincinnati, Hamburg-American line, July 9th.

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