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Educational Tours via Steamships - 1910

There are a number of people who combine instruction in art and literature with traveling in their tours. The following is an example of a tour for ladies offered by an artist. Mrs. Fanny Rowell, 15 Gramercy Park, New York City. The expense of the entire tour is $700.

The party started on April 16, 1910, and New York is supposed to be reached on July 9. This will give some idea of what may be expected in a first-class tour of this kind, with advantages of the best guides, carriages, etc.

Leave New York Saturday, April 16th, on S. Si Barbarossa (11 a. m.), North German LLoyd Mediterranean liner, pass the Azores, entering Spain by Gibraltar, cross to Tangier; return to Algeciras, Spain, Ronda, Bobodilla, Grenada—The Alhambra, Sevilla, Cordova, Alcazar, Madrid, Toledo, Saragossa, Barcelona.

Leaving Spain by the Southern Frontier to Marseilles, France, Riviera, Nice, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Genoa, Italy. May 12th, by North German Lloyd steamer to Naples, remain until 18th; Capri—Sorrento, Amalfi, Pompeii; Rome. 19th—one week May 26th, Siena; 28th, Pisa to Florence. June 2d, Padua to Venice. 7th, Through Tyrolean Alps Coaching—Bellino, Pieve di Cadore, Corteno, Toblach. 14th, Innsbruck, capital of Tyrol. 16th, Munich. capital of Bavaria, Passion play, Ober arnmergau, 19thi 20th, Vienna, 25th, Prague to Dresden. Berlin. 27th, 28th. 29thi Hamburg. 30th, reaching New York by new large SS Cincinnati, Hamburg-American line, July 9th.

A Sampling of Educational Tours

The American Express Company has been officially appointed to have charge of the Bureau of Information and, as Travel Agent for the Convention, to provide facilities for local sightseeing in New York City during the period of the Convention and to arrange such post-convention trips as will facilitate the plans of those who are coming East to attend the Convention, and to make the trip one of extended educational value by travel to convenient points.

Post Convention Tours

Bermuda. A special trip is offered to Bermuda, sailing by the S. S. “Bermudian” of the Quebec S. S. Company, from New York, July 15; arrive in Bermuda, July 17;-remain on the Island five days, and leave by the S. S. “Bermudian" July 22, arriving in New York, Monday, July 24.

Price of the tour, including steamship ticket, meals and berth on steamer, transfer between dock and hotel, hotel accommodations while in Bermuda, drives to Harrington Sound, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, and a boat excursion to the Marine Gardens, $45.50 for the minimum priced rooms on the steamer. Additional charge for higher priced steamer berths.

Halifax and Newfoundland. A pleasant post-convention tour is offered to Halifax and Newfoundland by the S. S. "Florizel” of the Red Cross Line, sailing from New York, Saturday, July 8 at 11 A. M., allowing 24 hours on the outward voyage and 36 hours returning in Halifax; allowing two days at St. Johns, Newfoundland; returning to New York Thursday, July 20.

Price including steamship ticket, berth, and meals, landing expenses at Halifax and St. Johns, steamer being used as our hotel while in port, sightseeing on land at individual expense, $60.00 for minimum rate berths on the steamer. Additional expense for higher priced berths.

Any who desire may leave the party at Halifax on the return trip from St. Johns, proceeding to Quebec, Montreal, St. Lawrence River. Rates for this extension will be given on application to the American Express Company.

Puerto Rico. An easy post-convention tour has been arranged to Porto Rico sailing by the S. S. “Brazos” of the New York and Puerto Rico S. S. Line from New York, July 8 at noon. Steamer sails direct to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, arriving Wednesday, July 12. After two days in San Juan, the tour continues by steamer around the Island making stops at Ponce and Mayaguez and one or two small ports with opportunity to go ashore, returning to New York by the same steamer, Monday, July 24.

Price including steamer ticket, meals and berth on board the steamer, steamer acting as hotel while in port at San Juan and other ports of call, local sightseeing at individual expense, $94.50 for minimum rate berths. Additional cost for higher priced accommodations on the steamer.

Cruise to Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Jamaica. A longer post-convention cruise is offered to Panama and other points in the West Indies, sailing by S. S. “Metapan” of the Great White Fleet of the United Fruit Company, leaving New York. Saturday, July 8, at noon, visiting Havana. Cuba; the Panama Canal Zone; San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, returning to New York via Kingston, Jamaica, August 5.

Price including steamer ticket, berth and meals, railroad transportation to San Jose and return, rail transportation to Panama City and return to Colon, hotel accommodations on the American Plan in San Jose, at Panama, and at Havana, $285.00 for minimum rate berth. Extra charge for better accommodations.

Special arrangements will be made for those who desire to visit only Cuba or Jamaica, or both.

Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands, Montreal, and Quebec. A fine postconvention tour with daylight ride on Hudson River, a visit to Niagara Falls, across Lake Ontario thru the Thousand Islands, down the St. Lawrence to Montreal, Quebec, and Saguenay River with the usual visits to these places, returning via Lake Champlain, Lake George, and the Hudson River to New York.

Price including transportation, berths on steamers and trains, meals and sightseeing in places of interest, $120.00. Those desiring to arrange to return to their homes from Quebec by other routes will be furnished tickets as they may request at prices to be determined by tariff rates.

Miscellaneous Tickets and Tours. The American Express Company will be prepared to give advice, quote rates, and arrange itineraries for individuals desiring other tours than those officially announced.

Registration. Correspondence should be addressed to the American Express Company, Travel Department. 66 Broadway, New York City, stating which tour you will probably take in order that the Company may make the necessary reservations of the steamship companies well in advance.

"Bureau of Information," in the N.E.A. Bulletin, New York: National Education Association, Vol. IV, No. 7, Whole No. 22, June 1916:10-11

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