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Deck Games and Amusements on Steamships - 1910

Deck quoits, shuffle-board, Dull-board, and other games are provided on the deck without any charge, under the direction of the quartermaster. Chess, dominoes, and other indoor games can be obtained on application to the library steward. Games of cards are also permitted in the lounging or other public rooms.

Gentlemen should be very cautious about playing cards, or other games, with strangers, as professional gamblers are constantly crossing the Atlantic, looking out for the unwary.

There is nothing unusual in the captain posting a notice in the smoking room warning passengers against gamblers. Games of chance are not usually allowed on Sundays in any of the public apartments in deference to the views of the greater number of passengers.

The pillow fight on the spar is a source of great amusement. Two men armed with pillows sit astride the spar and try to knock each other off. It requires a great deal of knack to keep one's balance while someone is pounding you with pillows. The players are not allowed to touch the spar with their hands.

When a man begins to waver, the other redoubles his attack, and slowly, but surely, the defeated player tumbles off the spar into the canvas which has heen spread to save. him. One of our engravings shows Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt acting as umpire in a pillow fight.

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