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Cigars - An Historical Perspective on Quality and Acceptance

Cigars are good and cheap in Holland, fair in Germany and England. and are extremely bad in France, and the Italian cigars, particularly the so-called "Virginias," with a straw and broom corn to assist the drawing of the smoke, are beyond the pale.

Those who do not enjoy the smell of tobacco smoke should seek compartments labeled, "For non-smokers," but where the universal custom is to smoke, as in Holland, the visitor has no guarantee that this is a safeguard, but if a passenger objects to smoking while seated in a non-smoking compartment, he can compel the officials of the train to stop the offender.

Ladies traveling alone should occupy the special compartment res. ved for them, usually marked "Dames," or "Damen," on the Continent, as this is the only guarantee that they will not have to endure smoking.

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