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Checking of Baggage in Bond - 1910

The principal railroads have in-augurated a system of handling baggage in bond to and from points in Canada and Vancouver; also to San Francisco for immediate shipment from there to the East.

Baggage in-tnnded for immediate exportation to these points, arriving at the Port of New York, is forwarded in bond and no examination is therefore necessary on the part of the United States Customs officials.

Ordinarily, under this plan, baggage will go forward on the same train with the owner; no charge is made for the service except for wagon transfer of such baggage from the company's piers to the railroad station.

The uniformed agents of the railroads meet all incoming steamers and will make all arrangements for the checking and bondipg of baggage upon request.

A similar system is in operation in Europe for the transfer of baggage be-tween cities having Custom-house facilities.

Baggage may be forwarded by fast or slow freight. Slow freight is pot recommended as it takes too much time.

Passengers traveling to either Cher-bourg or Hamburg, and whose ultimate destination is London, can arrange with the baggagemaster on board steamer to have their surplus baggage landed at Plymouth for the purpose of being forwarded by the local Plymouth agents, for storage.

Such baggage will be examined by the Customs authorities at Plymouth, and duty, if any, charged on articles subject there-to, viz., wines, spirits, perfumery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, etc.


In forwarding baggage all incidental expenses, including customs duty, por-terage, dock dues, cording, are payable by the passengers.

Storage rates average about twenty-five cents per month for each piece not exceeding 100 pounds. This rate does not always cover insurance which should be arranged for specially. Local transfer charges vary in different places, hut average about twenty-five cents for each piece.

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