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Baths and Toilet Accommodations On Steamships - 1910


An ample supply of baths for both men and women are provided on the modern liner. The men's baths are in charge of special bath stewards, who will prepare a bath at the same hour each morning. The room steward will arrange the time with the bath steward. Ladies desiring baths should consult their stewardess.

All those having baths are expected to give gratuities to the bath steward or the stewardess. See special section relating to fees. Fresh or salt water, hot or cold is supplied at will. One steamer has one entire deck with a bath for every stateroom, 86 in all.

On some of the latest vessels an electric bath is provided for the use of passengers. On one or two vessels, Turkish haths are provided, which consist of the usual hot and cold rooms, steaming rooms, plunge bath and massage couch.

The plunge bath is usually open to gentlemen from 6 to 8 without charge, and Turkish baths are usually available from 9 to 12 for ladies, and from 2 to 6 for gentlemen. The expense is usually $1.00.

Photo 130 - Electric Massage And The Electric Bath

Are Luxurious Accessories


The modern ship offers adequate toilet accommodations which in the vessels of twenty years ago did not exist. The closets are flushed with sea water by means of special pumps and piping.

Where private bathrooms are secured a private closet is included. A red light usually indicates the ladies' toilet and the gentlemen's toilets. Lavatory accommodations are provided in all classes.

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