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The Barber, Hair Dressing and Manicuring - 1910

Photo 131 - Typical Barber Ship Onboard Steamship

Photo 131 - Typical Barber Ship Onboard Steamship


The barber is an important adjunct to the comfort of the male passenger on the modern trans-Atlantic steamship. In addition to performing the various functions of a barber, he also usually sells caps, pocketbooks, fountain pens, souvenir postal cards and other souvenirs, as well as pressing clothes and doing minor repairs to the clothing.

The charges are usually fixed hy the authorities of the line, and vary somewhat with the different lines. Shaving is one shilling. or twenty-five cents; hair dressing and shampooing is usually done for the same fee on English lines.

The hours are usually from seven in the morning to seven in the evening; the passenger is not expected to apply for a haircut or shampoo except between the hours of noon and 5.30 P. M. Accounts with the barber are settled immediately after each transaction.


Photo 132 - Manicuring Is A Feature On Many Ships

Photo 132 - Manicuring Is A Feature On Many Ships

Several of the principal steamships carry a ladies' hair-dresser and manicurist. The rates are usually fifty cents for hair-dressing and seventy-five cents for hair-dressing and shampooing. The rate for manicuring is usually fifty cents.

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