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Leviathan: "The World's Greatest Ship" Volume 2

Front Cover,  Leviathan: "The World's Greatest Ship" Volume 2

United States Lines: "LEVIATHAN: The World's Greatest Ship, Volume 2", by Frank Braynard, published in 1974, hardbound with original dust jacket, 380 pages. Braynard has created what is probably the most extensive history ever written about a single ship.

His ground-breaking series covers 6 volumes. This book is volume 2 and picks up the LEVIATHAN saga during her monumental conversion from a troop ship to a luxury liner.

There were no plans of the huge ship, so designer William Francis Gibbs hired draftsmen to spend thousands of hours measuring and drawing every inch. The ship was a wreck after her heavy trooping duties during WW1 so every corner needed restoration.

The book finishes with the LEVI's triumphant return to the Atlantic. There are hundreds of great photos which makes for wonderful browsing and reading.

Detailed information on Volume 2 of the Leviathan .

Note: Even though Frank O. Braynard submitted his volumes to the Library of Congress and received back an LOC number, there isn't a Library of Congress Catalog Entry for any of the six volumes in this series.

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