Cunard Collection - Board of Directors - University of Liverpool

Catalogue of the Archives of the Cunard Steamship Company

A summary of Holdings of the Cunard Line Archives at the University of Liverpool pertaining to Section B, Board of Directors. Digitized from the Table of Contents, Catalogue of the Cunard Steamship Company held at the University of Liverpool, 1980.

Board of Directors - Index to Section B

Minute and agenda books for the meetings of the Board, as well as other committees. Board meetings covered general company policy, senior appointments and the like. In general reports laid before the Board and its committees were not kept, but copies may exist in the correspondence of the Chairman. General Board meetings were held monthly, with special meetings on occasion. The Executive Committee was a committee of the whole Board, and the Chairman would normally preside.

  • B1 :- Cunard Board Minutes
  • B2 :- Cunard White Star Board Minutes
  • B3 :- Cunard Agenda for Directors' Meetings
  • B4 :- Cunard Minutes of Executive Committee
  • B5 :- Cunard Agenda for Executive Committee
  • B6 :- Cunard White Star Minutes Of Executive Committee
  • B7 :- Cunard Minutes of Finance Committee
  • B8 :- Cunard Other Committee Minutes
  • B9 :- Registers of Directors
  • B10 :- Cunard Line Ltd. Minute Books
  • B11 :- General Purpose Committee 1963-1966

Records of the Cunard Steamship Co Ltd

  • Reference Number: GB 141 D42
  • Held at: Liverpool University, Special Collections and Archives
  • Dates of Creation: 1840-1990 [principally 1878-c1965]
  • Physical Extent: boxes, volumes and oversize items - the number runs to over 1000
  • Name of Creator: Cunard Steamship Co Ltd


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