Cunard Collection - Associated Companies - University of Liverpool

Catalogue of the Archives of the Cunard Steamship Company

A summary of Holdings of the Cunard Line Archives at the University of Liverpool pertaining to Section ASC, Records of Companies Associated With the Cunard Company. Digitized from the Table of Contents, Catalogue of the Cunard Steamship Company held at the University of Liverpool, 1980.

Records of Companies Associated With the Cunard Company- Index to Section ASC

The Cunard Steamship Company began from the turn of the century, to purchase majority shareholdings in other companies and, later, to carry out mergers. Some records relating to these associated companies can be found in other parts of the Cunard Archives. The following section comprises records which originated from the companies themselves.

  • ASC1 :- Anchor Line
  • ASC2 :- Gosman And Smith Ltd
  • ASC3 :- Funch Edye And Co Ltd
  • ASC4 :- Liverpool Dock Canteen Co Ltd
  • ASC5 :- Albion And Overseas Sh1pping Agency Ltd
  • ASC6 :- Charles Howson And Co Ltd
  • ASC7 :- Bigland Hogg And Co Ltd
  • ASC8 :- H E Moss And Co Ltd
  • ASC9 :- T And J Brocklebank Ltd
  • ASC10 :- Star Line - J P Corry And Co Ltd
  • ASC11 :- London Steamship Owners' Mutual Insurance Association Ltd
  • ASC12 :- Wh1te Star L1ne
  • ASC13 :- Anglo-Australasian Steam Navigation Co Ltd
  • ASC14 :- Miscellaneous

Records of the Cunard Steamship Co Ltd

  • Reference Number: GB 141 D42
  • Held at: Liverpool University, Special Collections and Archives
  • Dates of Creation: 1840-1990 [principally 1878-c1965]
  • Physical Extent: boxes, volumes and oversize items - the number runs to over 1000
  • Name of Creator: Cunard Steamship Co Ltd


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