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Cunard Collection - Accounts Department - University of Liverpool

Catalogue of the Archives of the Cunard Steamship Company

A summary of Holdings of the Cunard Line Archives at the University of Liverpool pertaining to Section AC, Accounts Department. Digitized from the Table of Contents, Catalogue of the Cunard Steamship Company held at the University of Liverpool, 1980.

Accounts Department - Index to Section AC

  • AC1 – 2 :- Correspondence, Reports And Accounts Relating To Cunard & Subsidiary Companies
  • AC3 :- Cunard White Star Receipts, Payments And Accounts
  • AC4 :- Miscellaneous Records
  • AC5 :- Monthly Accounts
  • AC6 :- Shareholder's Affairs
  • AC7 :- Revenue, Salaries Etc
  • AC8 :- Ledgers
  • AC9 :- Journal Transfer Books
  • AC10 :- Balance Books & Balance Sheets
  • AC11 :- Steamship Disbursement Books
  • AC12 :- Voyage Abstract Books And Summaries Of Voyages
  • AC13 :- Voyage Receipts And Disbursements
  • AC14 :- Transfer Cases
  • AC15 :- Staff Salaries
  • AC16 :- Financial Statement
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