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Leviathan: "The World's Greatest Ship" Volume 1

Front Cover, Leviathan: "The World's Greatest Ship" Volume 1

Braynard, Frank O., Leviathan " "The World's Greatest Ship," New York: South Street Seaport Museum (1972). LOC 72-85207. First Run 2,300. Duscover shown. Underlying hardcover Book is dark red.

In September 1911, workers in the shipyard of Blohm & Voss in Hamburg started on a new ship that would be christened VATERLAND. The world would come to know her best as the LEVIATHAN, one of the grandest and most storied ocean liners of all time.

The first volume takes us from the construction of the VATERLAND to the end of World War One, when the VATERLAND now the U.SS Leviathan was used as a troup transport. Packed with amazing photographs, reproductions of newspaper articles. the author, the late Frank O. Braynard produced this first volume literaly out of love and the generosity of a few hundred people. Only a few thousand of each volume were published making these books one of the rarest in the library of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Detailed information on Volume 1 of the Leviathan .

Note: Even though Frank O. Braynard submitted his volumes to the Library of Congress and received back an LOC number, there isn't a Library of Congress Catalog Entry for any of the six volumes in this series.

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