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The Norsemen Started A Tradition Ulrichsen Continues (1970)

The Ulrichsen Sport 5 Cruiser

Eric the Red and Andy Ulrichsen had more in common than nationality. They both loved wood boats.

And they built them for rugged cruising beyond the twelve-mile limit.

That's why men who are serious about boating have been buying Ulrichsen's classic, all-wood Jersey skiff for over 20 years.


Ulrichsen men are a breed apart. They demand first-class seaworthiness plus the warmth, texture, and substance of wood.

The lapping of water against wood has a sound all its own, and it's in their blood. It's as much a part of owning an Ulrichsen as the unique way the wood hull responds to the challenge of white water.

Join action-minded men who have an eye for practical beauty and the pride of Ulrichsen ownership.

Drop in at your Ulrichsen dealer and take a good long look at his new 1970 line of 33' and 37' Convertible Sedans and Sport 5 Cruisers. Your eyes will light up!


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