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Smith & Wesson Model 41 Semi-Automatic Handgun (1968)

If you don't like the sight radius on this slick-shooting S&W... use a little pull

Smith & Wesson Model 41 Semi-Automatic Handgun - 1968 Print Advertisement.

You'll have to be a different kind of a nut than a target nut, if you can't find a .22 auto to your liking in the S&W Model 41 line!

This version with 5 ½" Heavy Barrel and Extendible Front Sight is a prime example. It's for the particular shooter who likes the chunky, back-in-the-hand feel of a military-style automatic -- yet yearns for the distance from rear to front sight that normally comes only on a long, or custom barrel.

To lengthen the sight radius, you just pull out the adjustable front sight and tighten two Allen screws. A mark on the dovetailed slide shows when you're at 10". Leave the sight pushed in, and your radius is 7 7/8".

Weight is 44 ½ ounces -- Price. $132.00 retail, tax included.

Other options and accessories include:

Of course, accuracy is the big reason to shoot the S&W Model 41. It is the pistol used for the first official 300-possible. It is the automatic that performs like a test barrel, machine-resting groups little larger than those inherent in the ammunition itself!

Ask your S&W dealer to show you the Model 41.

Smith & Wesson

Springfield, Massachusetts 01101

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