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S&W Ammunition: Consistent Quality and Accuracy (1976)

One good Smith & Wesson deserves another.

One Good Smith & Wesson Deserves Another - 1976 Advertisement

When you own a fine firearm, don't compromise on the ammunition.

Use Smith & Wesson ammunition. Like the handguns we make, every round of S&W ammunition is manufactured under strict quality-controls and loaded to maximum power for consistent, uniform accuracy, penetration, and controlled expansion.

Among the ammunition we make so uncompromisingly are:

Centerfire Rifle Cartridges

Centerfire Handgun Cartridges

Rim Fire Cartridges

Of course, there's more to S&W Ammo than variety and quality.

There's exclusivity, too. Our work with law enforcement has led to the development of several loads not available from any other ammunition maker. And because our ammunition must meet the standards of America's peacekeepers, you can be sure that it will meet yours, too.

Smith & Wesson quality standards give the shooter predictable performance by requiring round to round consistency in extreme accuracy, penetration and velocity.

So whatever your target, the ammunition to do the job is Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson, 2100 Roosevelt Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts 01101.

The Ownership and Use of a Gun Is a Personal Thing Preserve Your Freedom to Own Guns and Enjoy Shooting Sports by Informing Your Elected Representatives of Your Concern and by Supporting Local. State, and National Organizations That Reflect Your Views.

Smith & Wesson

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