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O'Day 25 Yacht: Five Critical Things To Look For When You Buy A Compact Cruiser (1976)

The O'Day 25 - Five Critical Things to Look for When You Buy a Compact Cruiser.

(And how the O'Day 25 measures up )

1. Look For Sailing Performance

No matter how sleek she looks, how opulent below, no cruiser is worth considering if she won't perform under sail.

  1. Will she go to windward in a chop?
  2. Will she sail at all if the wind is light?
  3. Is she a stubborn monster when you want to tack?

Here's how the O'Day 25 measures up:

2. Look for a Cabin That Works

A spacious cabin is important, but what really counts on a cruising boat is the way the space is used.

O'Day 25 Galley looking aft - 1976 Print Advertisement

Privacy is essential. For people who must live in each other's company for days on end. Warmth is welcome, when it's wet and forbidding outside.

You must have decent space for cooking. Space for keeping clothes and bedding dry. Space for plotting a course in comfort while the boat's heeled over.

Here's how the O'Day 25 measures up:

3. Insist On Safety

Open water demands respect. It's foolish to count on any boat that isn't designed to face the worst.

Here's how the O'Day 25 measures up:

4. Consider the Flexibility of a Trailerable Boat

Boatyard winter storage for an ordinary 25-footer can cost you several hundred dollars -- every year.

A trailerable cruiser can be stored at home. You can sail her on different bodies of water hundreds of miles apart.

You can take her with you on vacations. But a sailboat must be designed especially for trailering.

Here's how the O'Day 25 measures up:

5. Don't settle for an ugly boat

O'Day 25 Schematic Top and Side View - 1976 Print Advertisement

Sailing isn't just a means of transportation. You sail for the way it makes you feel, for the total experience. And the way your sailboat looks is bound to be part of the way you feel.

Besides, a boat's appearance often reflects the way she was built. If she's swift, seaworthy and honestly designed, a boat is nearly always pleasing to the eye. If she's a clunker, she probably looks it, too.

Here's how the O'Day 25 measures up:

Suggested retail price for centerboard model O'Day 25 is $9,950. And unlike many boats she comes ready to sail. With sheets and halyards, main and jib.

And a lot of other gear that's ordinarily optional. A mainsheet traveler and a boom yang, for example. Options include an inboard motor -- rare among 25-footers.

Why the O'Day 25 Costs As Much As It Does

A sailboat has to stand extraordinary punishment. The pressure of rushing waves. The heavy stresses on her rig. The corrosive power of salt water.

Only uncommon materials will survive. But they're expensive. Stainless steel. Tempered Dacron sailcloth. Braided lines. Solid teak. All are specified for the O'Day 25.

Painstaking construction is also costly. Our hulls, for example, are made with hand layed up fiber glass. Others spray in chopped up fiber. Our way is stronger. Longer lasting. But it's more expensive.

The O'Day 20.

The O'Day 20 - from 1976 Print Advertisement

O'Day builds smaller cruisers, too. Like the O'Day 20. Four full-sized bunks, head, galley sink, icebox and optional stove make her self-sufficient away from port.

A tall rig and 3'11" draft (with centerboard down) make her a lively performer under sail. Four hundred pounds of lead ballast make her safely self-righting. And her shallow draft keel (14" centerboard up) and tabernacle stepped mast make her easy to trailer. Suggested retail price: $5,000.

The O'Day 22.

The O'Day 22 - from 1976 Print Advertisement

Another sensible alternative is the O'Day 22. A sailboat that so neatly fits a family's cruising needs that more than 2,000 have already been sold.

She's fitted with a shallow fixed keel for stability -- and easy launching from a trailer. And it lets her sail where full-keeled boats can't go. Two cabins below, a full galley and an enclosed head give her privacy and space for more than weekend cruising. And a hand layed up hull makes her tough and durable. Suggested retail price: $5,900.

Tall Rig and Fixed Keel

For skippers interested in MORC racing, the O'Day 25 is available with a two foot taller mast and an 1800-lb. fixed lead keel.

O'Day 25
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O'Day 25 Yacht: Five Critical Things To Look For When You Buy A Compact Cruiser (1976)

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