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Introducing The O'Day 23 Compact Cruiser with Specifications (1976)

We didn't invent the compact cruiser. We simply made it work better.

The O'Day 23 yacht is a brand-new family cruiser. A boat that solves a lot of problems.

Introducing the O'Day 23 Compact Cruiser - 1976 Print Advertisement

Unlike some other trailerables, she's big inside, with a full 5' headroom, 8' beam, for extra room below.

Unlike many roomy boats, she's also fast.

We gave her 235 sq.ft. of sail, a 5'6" centerboard and 900 lbs. of ballast so she'll more than hold her own with other boats her size.

Finally, she's easy to trailer. Her keel (board up) draws 2' 2" -- for shoal draft sailing and quick launching.


The nonskid pattern isn't just for looks. It keeps your feet on deck. All pulpits, winches, cleats are thrubolted so they won't let go.

There's an anchor locker forward, and a cockpit locker for your outboard motor.

The cockpit is self-bailing. The coamings high enough to keep you dry and secure.



The cabin fits together like a watch: four 6'3" bunks; private head with sink; icebox; hanging locker, and dining table. Plus a galley sink and stove that slide aft under the cockpit when they're not in use.


Another view of the O'Day 23 sailboat's cabin shows her unique double berth amidships. The backrest simply snaps in place beside the settee berth -- giving you a double sleeping area.

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