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O'Day 23 Sailboat

The cabin area is molded as a one-piece section extending from the bow to the cockpit. This adds strength to the hull and eliminates many seams and joints… making the 23's cabin easy to clean and maintain.

O'Day 23 Sailboat

1973 O'Day 23 Sailboat

In her three seasons of racing, the 23 has beaten a host of larger, more racing-oriented competitors: both boat-for-boat and on corrected time.

Sail A Convertible - The New O'Day 23 - 1973 Advertisement

The New O'Day 23 - Convertible Cabin Top

In the water and on the wind, the O'Day 23 safety features and handling qualities stand out: Self-bailing and self-righting; with keel and centerboard combination.

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Introducing the O'Day 23 Compact Cruiser - 1976 Print Advertisement

O'Day 23

O'Day 23: Compact Family Cruiser

Unlike many roomy boats, the O'Day 23 is also fast. We gave her 235 sq.ft. of sail, a 5'6" centerboard and 900 lbs. of ballast so she'll more than hold her own with other boats her size.

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INTRODUCING THE O'DAY 23 - 1977 Magazine Advertisement

O'Day 23

O'Day 23 - The New Compact Family Cruiser

The O'Day 23 is a brand-new family cruiser. A boat that solves a lot of problems. Unlike some other trailerables, she's big inside, with a full 5' headroom, 7'11" beam.

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